Innovation Program Manager

I lead a collaboration and knowledge sharing program to drive innovation and align strategy and culture.

2007-2008 – Golder Associates (Global)

  • Knowledge Base. I proposed and developed Golderpedia to collect and capitalize knowledge and experience, lessons learnt, etc. It became the company’s knowledge repository, used daily by hundreds of people. The project was implemented shortly after with GolderMedia, an enterprise mediaserver for video sharing (like YouTube), audio (podcast), presentations (Powerpoint and pdf) and images. In 2014 Golderpedia won the MARCOM Gold Award as the best enterprise knowledge repository.

  • Enterprise Social Network. I proposed to use an Enterprise Social Network to improve connection between people, particularly inside Technical Communities. We developed a trial, based on IBM Connections, for a Technical Community and reused the outcome to create guidelines to implement Web 2.0 tools on full scale.

  • Enterprise Documents Search Engine. I initially proposed to set up a search engine server by Google to index and find documents in the Italian offices. Then I joined the global team to choose the right solution to index documents on the intranet.